What are Crown Crates?

Crown crates are loot boxes in The Elder Scrolls Online. They are available for purchase in the crown store, and are also sometimes available through other means. There are several different types of crown crates, and the rewards they contain are all related to a specific theme. New crown crates are released through the crown store in quarterly seasons. Various crates will often make surprise reappearances in the store as limited time offers. Most crates contain 4 random rewards, and sometimes, if you're lucky, you can get a special 5th card as a bonus.

Who is Faunter?

Faunter is my character's name in ESO. I started playing the game in beta. I've always been fascinated by numbers, statistics, and probability. When crown crates were introduced to the game, I started keeping track of my own drop rates for fun. However, I quickly realized how beneficial it would be to the community if everyone pooled their drops together to produce a larger sample size. I began working on Crown Crate Tracker, and, soon after, released it to the public.


This project is in no way meant to slander or expose the crown crate system, or to discourage people from purchasing crown crates. It is being conducted from a purely impartial standpoint. The goal is to approximate the crown crate item drop rates as accurately as possible, because they are not officially available to the public.

Frequently asked questions

How does the game decide which rewards I will receive from my crates?

Each reward slot has restrictions on the rarity of items it can produce. These restrictions slightly differ from crate to crate, so I've included a special table on each crate page to showcase the possibilities. Keep in mind that every time you open a new crate, the card positions are randomized, so your rewards might appear in a different order.

How can I include my crown crate results in the drop rates?

I'm glad you asked! The drop rates found on this website are calculated using crates opened by Crown Crate Tracker users on the live servers. To contribute, simply download the addon. (Sorry, console players!) After that, just open crown crates as you normally would. The addon automatically saves crates to your personal history and submits them through the in-game mail system.

My results were submitted. How come the drop rates weren't updated?

The drop rates are not updated in real-time. Crate data is added manually in batches due to API limitations imposed by ESO. Your crate results need to be manually verified and processed before making it into the drop rate pool. I wrote the addon this way by choice. My design philosophy was: "You don't have to do anything; the addon just works in the background." Making users go through extra steps like running an additional executable to send saved results to a backend server defeats this purpose. Ease of use is key for a project such as this one, so crate results are submitted through the in-game mail system.

I have another question!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me! I can be reached at faunter@crowncrates.com.