Xanmeer Crates

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Xanmeer Crate announcement

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Crown Crates

Crown Crate as it appears in ESO

Crown Crates

Faunter's Crown Crate Tracker has recorded the following.

Crown Crate iconCrown Crate 117,120 crates
Crown Crate normal card iconNormal card 468,480 cards
Crown Crate bonus card iconBonus card 19,986 cards
Crown Crate bonus drop iconBonus card drop rate 17.06% chance

Drop Rates

It is assumed that the drop rates are constant, have never changed, do not increase after bad luck, and are the same for everyone.

Project Supporters

These community members are held in high honor. You can join their ranks by showing your support.

Supporter iconTurelus
Supporter iconTheeBear

Datamined Crown Crates

The following unreleased crown crates are present in the game's files.

Spreadsheet Format

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